Tuesday 8th May: Day 1 of ticket sales!

The week of the festival documented via photographs!
*please note that unfortunately not every event was captured*

Monday 14th May 2018: Day 1 of the festival captured by Veslemoy Stavdahl:

Amici Dance Theatre Company workshop

Workshop for Regenerate Rise’ senior company organised by the Footprint 2018 committee and delivered by Roehampton graduate Ioanna Vazelaki.

(*Above image only* Captured by festival director Shauna Wright)

Site-specific choreography lab

(*Above image only* Captured by committee member Molly Hayes)

Opening ceremony performance

Performances from top to bottom
1.) Roehampton dance team – Hip-hop duet
2.) Dillon Dance Youth – ‘Swooping Dragons’ Choreographed by Shaun Dillon
Roehampton dance team (Jazz) – ‘Shifting boundaries’ Choreographed by Jessica Stanton-Thompson
BD1 – ‘Brontide’ Choreographed by Shaun Dillon
Roehampton Commission – ‘BA Students’ Choreographed by Shaun Dillon

Tuesday 15th May 2018: Day 2 of the festival captured by committee members and footage recorded/edited by Gemma Donohue

Cornelius Carter’s Jazz/Horton workshop
 Wade in the Water

This Woman’s Work

Juliette Mello’s African fusion workshop

African inspired cuisine and cockatils delivered by the Hive

Wednesday 16th May 2018: Day 3 of the festival captured by Veslemoy Stavdahl

Heike Salzer’s Release technique workshop
(*Below images only* Captured by festival committee member)

A dance degree whatever next?
6 Roehampton dance graduates share their career journeys

Chloe Aliyianni’s Flying-Low technique workshop

An evening with Third Row

Thursday 17th May 2018: Day 4 of the festival captured by committee members
Anmol Kaur’s Hip-hop fusion workshop

Simone Sistarelli’s Poppin workshop

Friday 18th May: Day 5 of the festival captured by Nzayi Rodrick 

The closing ceremony